MASTERS OF MISCHIEF by Joe Poet (as told to John Gabriel)

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First, my disclaimer.

I am only speaking from my little corner of the world. I choose to present myself not as expert, but only as example. I realize there are as many paths along the rainbow as there are paths to the mountaintop. But having pursued the path of Conscious Creativity over a lifetime, and having benefited, I certainly have experience and insight, which I don’t mind sharing, as pointers and as encouragement. Looking back, I feel I have been blessed to pioneer the new paradigm now beginning to dawn. I’ve done so mostly quietly, and frankly with considerable inner guidance. I will let my comments and examples speak for themselves, and I am always ready to answer questions.

Just as the rainbow has seven colors, but many shades, so the Rainbow Climb can be seen as having seven main stages, tho many steps. To illustrate, I post little story examples, based not on outer, but inner reality. For those not accustomed to symbolic story-telling, I add just a hint of analysis at the start, to show there is more here than meets the I.

At an early stage of the climb, we usually progress by learning the hard way. If we don't “get it” that our understanding is harmful, Experience will show us that a Law prevails. What goes round comes back to hurt us, as in this scene called, Butterflies Are For Battering, Or, A Lesson In Cruelty.

At the next stage, we are asked to pause and examine our understanding. Now who has never made of the heart a harlot? Who in their heart has not slept with a lie, and not been made pregnant by that lie? And who has not, at some point, been called to pause, and to reflect—as in this scene in a quiet corner of the Harlot Hotel, called Mirror.

Next, having gained a broader understanding, we may feel compelled to broadcast it. The part that’s “got it” needs to convince the rest of the psyche. But old habits die hard. It’s easier to evangelize, to try and change the world before we ourselves are transformed. In that case, the inner resistance is met out there, as opposition, power struggle, and, a failure unexpected in common hours, as in this scene I call Casino.

(NOTE: This material is an excerpt, but not yet an eBook.)

As to guidelines and tips, that will come later. Meantime, for a brief movie on shifting from left brain control to letting a deeper part express in our art, visit my FOOD FOR THOUGHT page, here.


Like a caterpillar, our cautious 3D-self feeds and feeds, but on facts and fears. Our quantum butterfly-self knows we have wings to fly. But are we willing to let go our diet and trust we can manage all that the Shift may entail?

When we stifle creativity, or whatever gives us joy, an inner lament can build that will sabotage health or other vital area.

For example, in my case, I love creating at guitar, but don't feel I'm a performer. Regards going public, I can be the timid rabbit who appears in Poor Butterfly, the first video I present here to process out that lament.

I am launching a series of guitar videos to honor my music-making another way— in the context of little stories that keep the pioneer in me challenged and therefore happy.

I look forward to any feedback. As always, thank you for visiting. Have a powerfully creative day.