“Art is, for me, the process of trying to wake up the soul.  Because we live in an industrialized, fast-paced world that prefers that the soul remain asleep.” —Bill Viola, media artist     
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Shown is a Sampler of the eBook I am currently promoting. It is a media-rich flip book that requires at least Flash Player 10 to view. This is Book One of a series. The poems focus on some basic themes related to the Rainbow Climb. Clicking any page corner will move you through the Sampler. Red arrows on the Contents page point to poems included. When you have questions, consult the Navigation Guide pages.  To return here, use your browser’s Back button.

If you are viewing on a mobile app, you won’t be able to see the Flash material, just text. This is for a desktop, and looks best on a screen 15 inches or larger. What you see with the Sampler is what you will see if you order the full version. If you can view the Sampler, you have the required  operating system and necessary Flash version. If you can’t open it, but your operating system can handle version 10 or higher, then all you need do is upgrade your Flash Player. For the most recent version go here . If you require an earlier version, closer to 10, go here.   

I have a background in art, writing and music, as well as experience as a hypnotherapist, tho I was calling myself an Intuitive Counsellor at the time. Now that the computer can support more sophisticated softwares, it is allowing me to merge these sides of myself.  The learning curve has sometimes been steep, but I thoroughly enjoy bringing these sides together.  It lets me create a much richer work of art than any one medium would permit.

I also created the flip book for Kathleen Clark’s collection of poems, titled Riding the Tiger. You can view her Sampler by choosing Guest in the menu. That has its own purchase page.

This is also the place to mention SWEET REMEMBRANCE, my musical in flip book format. 340 pages long, it reads in play form, has music wherever a song occurs, has graphics and videos, and comes on its own CD. If curious, visit the site. It’s best to check out the introductory pages before viewing the Sampler I provide there. You will then have a good overview of where I’m coming from with that project. SweetRemembrance in the menu is a quick link. To return, click on “Sister Site” in the menu there.       

This Rainbow flip book can be downloaded for $10 and comes in a separate version for either Mac or PC.

Some people, uncomfortable with downloading, ask if there is a CD version. While I might be able to provide it on an unlabelled CD in a few cases, to do so in general would increase the cost. And, the file is so small it’s a waste of CD. Not all machines can take the more practical mini-CD. So I find it best to start with a direct download, which keeps the cost down. and is immediate.

For those who love to hold a book in their hand, and are willing to pay the higher cost, it would be nice to provide the book, but packaged with the flip book version on a CD. That allows for the full experience. Down the road this may be possible.

When ordering, you will be asked to specify Mac or PC version. A password will then be sent to the email you provide. While some are impatient with having to type in a password, I find it necessary, in order to protect the file from being hacked while stored online. Robots from foreign countries are constantly probing. Needing a password to unzip gives a bit of security.

Thank you for visiting. Questions and comments are always welcome. My spam-protected email address is below.