“The world would have you agree with its dismal dream of limitation. But the light would have you soar like the eagle of your sacred visions." —Alan Cohen

Angry? Upset? Sad? Depressed?
I honor your feelings.
Great Spirit honors your feelings.
I want to honor your pain as well,
but Great Spirit says:

'No one can honor your pain but you.
Embrace it.
Feel it fully and it will change.
Do not distract yourself with blame,
or humor.
for the pain will slip back
into your unconscious.
and there
become your enemy,
a shark
keeping you to the shallows of yourself.

“Yes, feel the pain,
make it your friend
and discover,
at its center,
My face,
My warm
waiting hand,
My fragrant heart
inviting you to enter.”
                     I HONOR         
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I've long wanted to integrate into my site what is being termed The Shift. It truly ties in with creativity and the new direction the arts are being called to. And, because it brings changes that are deep and  profound, I also want to move into fund-raising mode.

I view it as humanity's passage from living in the head to anchoring in the heart. We are moving from divisive separation consciousness to unity consciousness, from 3D awareness to a quantum understanding of ourselves as multi-dimensional, despite the illusion we are not.   

Scientifically, our solar system is moving thru an intense energy field. This is affecting everything from earth weather, to insti-tutions, to consciousness, to our cellular structure.

In a word, the Shift is about the awakening and healing of humanity, for light and energy carry consciousness, and as consciousness rises, disempowering patterns give way, like a
dam before a flooded reservoir.

First, Here's The Pitch

This site is built upon the metaphor of climbing the rainbow.

What if, in this new energy, by the very act of "climbing the rainbow " our eyes evolve and we start to see, not necessarily infrared and ultra-violet to either side, but realities undetected till now. They were always present, we were just not ready. We had to rise above earth's 3D belief system, and get bathed in the higher frequencies now available at the crest. Who knows, in a lucid moment, we might even spot a unicorn grazing there. When I do, I express any concern, and document the answer generously given me. As in the following (click the unicorn):

I want to help inspire during this time of new potential. Starting with a fuller presence on the internet, to small shows put on in venues such as hospitals, galleries, colleges, to the largest project to date, mounting my musical, Sweet Remembrance.

I have the vision of using the arts to enhance the message that we are not only more, but are now ready to be that more.

The musical uses song, poetry, story, and media effects to that end. Performances could also include psychics and healers available to interact with the audience. In smaller venues, the troupe will be trained to hold healing intent, just as I put that behind each example I post online.

I am currently in a rural area with slow internet speed, without transport, living in a trailer, my happy haven till the next one opens. But I need to be back in the city, to carry out this vision. I have not just the skill sets (explore the rest of this site), but also a track record of creative and personal results, the wisdom of experience, and the blessing of guidance that has brought me this far.

I need to upgrade to a studio setting, a space that can accommodate clients and students, and that affords privacy and peace amid more current technology. I have a monthly social security check that is based on the former value of the dollar, so it doesn't go far, but it helps. It won't take much more per month to start my rainbow vision moving into manifest form.

I want to hire a small compatible team, want to pay singers and eventually actors and crew. I am prepared to take it step by step, based on donations and/or funding.

My focus is to help whet an appetite for more soul in the arts we create and consume, an appetite for Inner-tainment.

I look forward to any query or discussion regarding this.

As It Applies To Creativity

We cannot give true service from a disempowered space. As we awaken our uniqueness through some creative joyous pursuit, for its own end, and not as a means to some outer attainment, but simply to be in the joy of it, we prepare ourselves for better service by coming into our authentic power. We will be led, if we commit to looking within— led past the inbred ignorance of the past, which makes up the false self trying to give service for the wrong reasons: to survive, win approval, change the world before we ourselves are transformed. In short, creative expression can lift us past the shackles of 3D identification, IF it’s about getting past the shadow stuff and back into the heart. From there we have regained connection with Source and our essence. Back into love, we become strong enough to end playing the separatiion game.

Out of this new consciousness must emerge new stories, songs, art. If we see no war between opposites, because we are living the joyous dance between them, why would we want to depict a world full of dysfunctional drama, conflict, and candy distractions? Well, we would, if we still buy into the need to win the approval and awards of the old system. I’m talking about graduating past that need.

How?  Read the Uroboros foreword, next column, and enjoy the videos.

Thank you for visiting.

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If change is not already mutating your world, be open to the signs showing that change is the order of the day. Something is coming. The Uroboros snake is coming. Symbol of the endless wheel of life circling round itself, it is bringing in the next age. We are at the tail end of a long yuga. That tail is now being devoured.

To those concerned about such things as "the agenda of the Cabal", or "off-worlders running the show through banksters and soul-less ultra-rich", have no fear. It suffices to say any "New World Order" is in a state of collapse. It was allowed to flourish in the Kali yuga, the age of darkness. The snake of the new age is now devouring its tail, the age of separation and fear. It is bringing in compassion, creativity, kindness, connectionthe feminine. Nothing to fear, nothing to do. Simply allow, pause, and begin again, always, by first going within, where our true power awaits us.