“The creative process shrivels in the absence of continual dialogue with the soul. And creativity is what makes life worth living.” —Marion Woodman, Jungian analyst

Welcome to Rainbow Climb Enterprise, a site dedicated to soul care through more conscious
creative self-expression.

The focus will be on instructive examples, my own, and that of others, whose content or approach, or both, is about the inner journey, which qualifies it as soul care.

This is not a showcase, per se, a gallery where someone can advertise. Instead, I will maintain a Guest page. If another's work excites me, if it exemplifies some or most of the soul principles I want to encourage, then I will present it here, to speak for itself, or, with permission, to comment on.

Currently, my guest spotlight is on poetry by Kathleen Clark. To me, her work beautifully explores the conflict between the human need to maintain separation and the yearning of the soul to return to the One. The Guest button, left, will take you directly to a sampler of her collection, Riding the Tiger. Use your back button to return here from her site.

I’m in the mood to keep this site playful. So I will also include jottings from the journal of Joe Poet, who is the hero in my play SWEET REMEMBRANCE. He’s sort of an Everyman in reverse. I see him as the Poetential, in each one, to be independent, creative, and committed to staying connected to our multi-dimensional nature, i.e., one's soul. His latest poem is featured in the Gallery. Here also is where I post examples of inner journey work, with analysis. More will be added over time.

The Sampler link takes you to a page where you can view a sampling of my most recent flip book. It will depend on your operating system whether it displays for you when you click on the cover there. It requires the free Flash Player, version 10 or higher.

Beauty is in the natural order of things, and as we explore our own vision of beauty we bring ourselves into better alignment with the natural order. But to recover and release our own magnificence, our authentic self, and not just nature’s magnificence, it takes a different focus. It demands an inward journeying, what I’ll call Conscious Creativity, aspiring to reach the rose at the end of the rainbow. The rose has long been connected with the heart, portal to the Divine.   

The result is increased wholeness, increased healing, and a creativity increasingly free of the tired formulas the artist is drawn into when creativity serves only the outer quest for profit and prestige, or even the noble quest to improve the world.

Such outward focus can lead to the pot of gold, true. But I suggest that this focus is of the old paradigm, which is dying. The pot of gold has come to symbolize mere outer attainment. The new paradigm of the returning feminine wants us to rediscover our true nature, and that is best expressed as the rose at the end of the rainbow.

As artists more and more learn to focus inwardly first, seeking themselves in their creations, they add to the groundswell that leads to a cultural shift, where the arts are recognized as the sacred tools they once were. Tools for self-transformation.

To me, this quote best summarizes my overall perspective:

“Creativity in all its forms is the Divine Feminine expressing Itself—Divine Mother giving birth to new ideas in infinite form and variety on all levels and in all dimensions.  The energy of the Divine Feminine resides within the heart center, and as increasingly more people allow their hearts to open, integrating and activating the energy of the Divine Feminine in balance with the Divine Masculine, it will manifest as creative ideas  heretofore never dreamed of.
“In order for this true creativity to flow and manifest, the Divine Masculine must also be integrated for they are two halves of a Divine Whole.  Men are being guided to integrate and allow their Divine Feminine to flow, while women are being guided to integrate and allow their Divine Masculine to flow.  The creative ideas of one without the other are either non-existent or only able to manifest in incomplete, three dimensional, and often uninspiring forms.”

                   —Marilyn Raffaele,